April 28 Shanghai Poly Grand Theatre
April 29 Henan Poly Art Center
May 1 Dalian Theatre
May 2 Zhuzhou Grand Theatre
May 3 Yat-sen Memorial Hall
May 5 Changsha Concert Hall
May 6 Shenyang Shengjing Poly Grand Theatre

A new, brilliant composition by Eskender Bekmambetov, "For Misha's Gang - Suite for small, medium, large and extra large fiddles" was premiered at the opening concert of the "Revolutionaries: The late works of Beethoven & Ginastera" festival at Trinity Wall Street in New York on March 3, 2016.

The first week of February we spent on a short tour of South Korea, ending with two concerts at Seoul's Sejong Center on February 7, Lunar New Year Eve. Appropriately, the last number of the program wasn't too profound...

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Much is being said about engaging concert audiences, and indeed, when done well, it is a win-win proposition. For years we've been offering "The Audience Vote!" concept, in which concertgoers have direct input into selecting the composition they will hear. Now we are taking it one step further, and it involves soloists being selected by the audience! The "test-drive", which took place during the sping 2015 USA tour, proved the concept's validity, and it is now being offered at upcoming concerts. Here is how it goes (5-minute video):